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Don Cheeks is the chair of The Gifting Tree Foundation, a local nonprofit. His friends describe him as a quiet man, a hidden helper who does a lot for the community but stays out of the spotlight.

• Date and place of birth: April 11, Aiken, South Carolina

• Favorite movie: "The Godfather"

• Favorite sports team: Carolina Gamecocks

• A recent book I read: "From This Promise," a book about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

• If I could meet anyone, it would be: Danny Thomas

• My proudest moment: Birth of my three kids.

I would like to be remembered for: Being compassionate and sympathetic.

• Were you named after anyone: Dad

My favorite meal: Steak and potato

• I can’t leave home without: Kissing my wife goodbye.

• Pet peeves: Selfishness and people who take advantage of others.

• Guilty pleasure: Hershey kisses with almonds

• Something I always have with me: Phone

• My most precious memory from childhood: Fishing with my granddaddy.

• I’m most comfortable: At home.

• The best place on earth: Turks and Caicos

• My children would say: I'm a disciplinarian, but fair.

• One word to sum me up: Integrity