SB Bennett Tucker 04.jpg

Place of birth: Augusta, Georgia

Favorite movie: “Lonesome Dove”

Favorite sports team: College - Clemson Tigers, NFL - Baltimore Ravens

A recent book I read: “Elemental South: An Anthology of Southern Nature Writing”

If I could meet anyone, it would be: Robert Duvall

My proudest moment: Witnessing the birth of our children.

My nicknames are: "BT," "Blaze" and "Grasshopper."

I would like to be remembered for: Just being a genuinely good person.

Named after: My father (William) and maternal grandfather (Bennett).

Favorite meal: My father-in-law’s baby back ribs.

I can’t leave home without: Pocketknife, phone, FD radio or pager.

Pet peeves: Pushy people

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream

Something I always have with me: Pocketknife

My most precious memory from childhood: Gardening as a 4-year-old with my grandfather on the family farm in Illinois.

I’m most comfortable: Out in the natural world somewhere.

The best place on earth: The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

My children would say: "My daddy is a firefighter."

One word to sum me up: Kind