In a word, no. Let's look at the history books, folks. There are 41 Super Bowl Champions, and one undefeated team. I'm not saying that the ring isn't what ultimately matters -- heck, I was singin' "it ain't a thing without a ring" along with the Chicago Bulls when they went 72-10 in the 1996 NBA regular season -- but that's the fun thing about the pursuit of excellence. In sports, the pursuit of excellence will invariably lead you down a championship road; what team doesn't go into a season with title aspirations. That doesn't mean that a team shouldn't or doesn't acknowledge history as it's being made -- it's why we keep records in the first place. What the Patriots have done and are on the verge of doing is almost bigger than the game, and it's funny to think that the New England dynasty started with something as controversial as the Tuck Rule. The fact is, the Patriots have been consistent the past six years, not only on the field, but in the front office, and have created a masterpiece in an age where parity is supposedly the rule. A fourth-round pick for Randy Moss? That's more "criminal" than anything talking heads can mention about Spygate, and get this, sports fans, every team steals signals. NBC had a camera in Tom Brady's mug as he was shouting out signals. You know how your favorite player from your favorite team left and went to your rival? You guessed it, some of the playbook left too. So let's appreciate history. We're witnessing one of the great teams of our time, and it's highly likely that against the hapless trio of the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants, the Patriots' starters will be sitting in the fourth quarter anyway after hanging 40-burgers on the threesome. Still not convinced? That's why they give the good, ahem, great teams a bye week between the regular season and playoffs. So relax. At least you know the Patriots won't.