Maybe Lindsey Vonn will have something else on the menu for the 2014 Winter Games. In 2010, however, her choice was strictly dairy. In the days leading to the Olympic downhill, Vonn was aching so badly from a bruised shin she wondered if she would be able to race. She tried numbing cream and painkillers, and then came the blue-plate special - cheese. She smeared it over her wounded limb as a home remedy, giving cheese connoisseurs the world over reason to celebrate. So as race day approached, the talk was not only of Vancouver gold but Austrian curd. Cheese was not the only unusual side dish in sports in 2010. This was a year, after all, when Mike Tyson took to pigeon racing, a fake national soccer team from Togo played a match in Bahrain, a New Zealand lawn bowling team was found guilty of match-fixing and a New Jersey Nets promotion offered fans free assistance filling out income tax forms. The animal kingdom was well represented in sports, and not just by Tyson's pigeon racing and the TV reality show in which the former heavyweight champion is to participate in 2011. Two deer smashed through the glass doors of a Wisconsin restaurant while customers were watching a basketball game on TV featuring, who else?, the Milwaukee Bucks. The intrusion gave new meaning to the team's rallying cry of "Fear the Deer." One deer was wrestled to the ground by patrons. The other deer fled to a private room, although it's not clear if he had reserved it for a party. In Germany, Paul the Octopus, who uncannily predicted the results of this year's World Cup, died in his aquarium tank, an oracle silenced. "He will be sorely missed," Sea Life manager Stefan Powell said. Sports fans presented themselves in a number of ways in 2010: confusion, revulsion, devotion. Clearly, the year's most disgusting performance was by Matthew Clemmens of Cherry Hill, N.J. He intentionally vomited on a spectator and his 11-year-old daughter at a Phillies game. He was sentenced to three months in jail and community service that the judge suggested be met by cleaning ballpark toilets and trash.