(ESPN.com) -- A source told ESPN that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and Eagles management held a lengthy meeting last week, where the group discussed last season's benching, as well as a possible contract extension. The source also noted that McNabb may hold off on further contract talks until he views the Eagles' possible offseason improvements via free agency and/or trades. McNabb and agent Fletcher Smith reportedly met with Eagles coach Andy Reid and Eagles president Joe Banner last Tuesday at the team's Philadelphia-based complex prior to Reid and Banner's leaving for the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. The source said the sides cleared the air once and for all on Reid's Week 12 benching of McNabb in Baltimore and also held preliminary, informal discussions about a contract extension. ... (NFL.com) -- NFL.com's Adam Schefter recently noted a bad omen concerning a possible work stoppage in 2011. This offseason, more than 40 percent of the assistant coaches in the league changed teams, a high number, according to numbers that the coaches association keeps. Stunningly, though, virtually none of the assistant coaches who signed contracts this offseason were given deals that extended into 2011, league sources said. Each was given a two-year contract for 2009 and 2010, but nothing for 2011, when the league faces the possibility of a work stoppage. ... (ESPN.com) -- The Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings are close to a trade that would send quarterback Sage Rosenfels to Minnesota, possibly for a fourth-round draft pick, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday. This is the second consecutive year in which the Vikings have been interested in acquiring Rosenfels, who is near the end of his contract, to be their starting quarterback. Rosenfels wanted to be traded to the Vikings last season in hopes of starting for a team that has Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor at running back and has led the NFL in run defense for two straight years. At the time, the Vikings reportedly offered a third-round draft choice, but the Texans wanted a second-round pick. Both teams denied an offer was made. Minnesota already has quarterbacks Gus Frerotte and Tarvaris Jackson on its roster and will want to extend Rosenfels' contract if the trade is completed. The Texans had no comment Monday on the report.