It's a rivalry that has created some of the biggest moments in CSRA football. This season's version of the Silver Bluff vs. Barnwell showdown will have a bit of a throwback feel to it.

NORTH AUGUSTA — Standing behind third base surrounded by thousands of Augusta GreenJackets faithful waiting with angst, Jolbert Cabrera looks on as slugger Heliot Ramos attempts to be the game’s savior in extra innings.

Aiken natives Terrell Lockett and Jabreiona Hankinson were greeted and hugged by their trainer James Hankinson the minute the bell rang after each of their USA Boxing Junior Olympic National Championship matches ended.

It was tough to ignore the No. 30 jersey during the Miami Dolphins 2017 season. Spectators saw the jersey deflecting footballs from would-be receivers, blanketing receivers stride for stride and making crucial open-field tackles.

There's been a lot of football played in Barnwell over the past four decades. Current defensive backs coach Mike Highsmith has been an integral part of it all.

Keith Radford found himself hard pressed to think of many Silver Bluff traditions when reflecting on his 20-plus years as an assistant coach for the Bulldogs. Not that there aren't any to think of. It's just that Radford's favorite tradition was pretty simple.

Visiting South Aiken High School's Stomping Grounds has been a no-win situation for opposing football teams over the last couple of years, as the T-Breds have crushed whoever's stepped on their home turf.

They share the same name – Eric Stroman – but nobody on the football field really called either of them Eric. The elder was 'Hollywood,' because he was well known, not only in Aiken but around the state, for his play on the football field in the late 90s. His son – the younger Stroman – he's just 'Stroman' or 'Stro' most times. He's not the flashy type and just goes about his business.

Ironically, it's kind of hard to tell which Stroman has had the bigger impact on the other.

Former Strom Thurmond High head coach Lee Sawyer saw a lot of football during his coaching career, but his decade with the Rebels is special to the now retired coach. That's because the surrounding towns and area surrounding Strom Thurmond High made the tenure unforgettable.

Williston-Elko head football coach Derek Youngblood heard something Thursday at the Blue Devils' opening ceremony that summed up what football means to a community that shuts down every Friday night during the season.

Williston School District chairperson Ferlecia Cuthbertson, a former Williston-Elko classmate of Youngblood's, commented to him that football is the religion of their community in that that's what brings everyone together.