Goose Creek started where they left off last year during the 302 High Goal Series of Aiken, with a 13-9 win against Bendabout in the opening game of the 20-Goal USPA Monty Waterbury at New Bridge Polo and Country Club. The winner of the past two USPA Silver Cups, Goose Creek was paced by Martin and Jose "Cote" Zegers, with each of the Zegers brothers scoring five goals in the victory. All of Cote's goals came in the second half. Adam Snow and Maureen Brennan each scored once for the winners. Goose Creek received one goal as a result of the handicap differential. Hector Galindo scored all four of his goals for Bendabout in the first half. Gillian Johnston and Wesley "Whistle" Uys each scored twice, and Owen Rinehart added a goal. "It's always great to start with a victory. We're very happy with the result, but we have to play strong throughout the tournament as we did in the first and fourth chukkers, which were our strongest chukkers," said Martin Zegers. "It's become easier as we've played together for the past three years. We're functioning better every day, and Maureen has improved so much." The tournament continues today as Pony Express plays Barrington at 4 p.m. at Isinya. Contact Ben Baugh at