ESPN has stated the Dallas Cowboys are having serious internal discussions about releasing Terrell Owens very soon. The $3.1-million roster bonus due Owens in March is also adding to the discussions. It may affect the decision that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett makes if he is offered a head coaching job, according to --- Baseball According to, Andruw Jones was scheduled to leave the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday. In a prearranged deal done about two weeks ago, Jones and the Dodgers agreed to a separation Jan. 15 for the center fielder. If the team isn't able to trade him, the Dodgers will give Jones his release. As stipulated in the agreement, Jones agreed to defer all but $5 million of his $22 million salary in 2009 in exchange for his freedom. It's believed that if he can find a taker willing to pay $1-to-2 million, the move is expected to turn into basically a financial wash for Jones, who knew his time was up in L.A. After starring in Atlanta, Jones posted an unimaginably bad season in Los Angeles, hitting .158 with three home runs in 75 games in 2008. The Braves look like a candidate to sign him. --- Pedro Martinez lost one potential suitor when the Cleveland Indians signed Carl Pavano. Pedro's longtime agent Fern Cuza told a couple of weeks ago that four teams were showing interest in the Cooperstown-bound pitcher at the time. The New York Mets have had some interest, but their signing of Tim Redding might put Martinez on the back burner for now. At present, the Mets seem to be concentrating on Oliver Perez, with Randy Wolf seen as the more likely backup plan. The Arizona Diamondbacks are at least one more team showing interest in Martinez.