What kinds of food, other than healthy ones, should there be in our schools? If a bill introduced in the Legislature makes its way to passage, that is all that will be allowed in South Carolina public schools. The legislation calls for an end to the sugary, salty and fatty foods that help create a high level of obesity in our state. Why our schools tempt students with unhealthy foods these days is a mystery. Unfortunately, too many schools offer vending machines with sugary, carbonated beverages, fatty snacks and other foods that would in no way be on a dietitian's menu. If schools provide only healthy meals and snacks, it would be the only game in town. Students would either eat healthy or go hungry. For most, the hunger pangs of midday would overwhelm the desire for unhealthy food. Our schools for too long have taught healthy eating in the classroom, but displayed a nonchalance toward providing healthy food outside of class. Let's hope that is put to an end.