South Carolina is one of several states that intend to opt out of the federal government’s offer to absorb some of the costs of the increase in Medicaid enrollment. Our legislature and our governor have had time to discuss this, but the legislative season is over. It seems that Washington will have to handle it. I believe also that the Feds, in the absence of the state doing so, will set up the insurance exchanges, also by year end.

Whatever happened to the idea of states rights, the state doing all it can? Do they not want to be seen as helping? On the insurance exchanges, it seems that Republicans hope the insurance choices that will now be selected by Washington will increase the cost for some individuals, and the cry will go out that yes, we can’t afford Obamacare. We need to remember that these same folks would not allow a medicare-like government alternate to be available. Is it too late to insist that one basic plan be available with no profit? Switzerland and perhaps others had no trouble to get insurers to accept this. The threat of a government plan might convince them.

Obamacare can be a great victory for him, and the Republican Party will do all it can to see that it doesn’t happen. But they would be responsible for keeping our emergency rooms jammed with those who can’t afford a doctor, having no other access to our “wonderful” health care system when they get sick. It’s massively wasteful. I would not want that on my record.

Victor Reilly