Recently while at a South Aiken game I witnessed two parents in a verbal altercation. The sad part is that both their sons are on the same team. It's natural that fathers will be defensive, especially from someone's criticism of their son. The situation escalated when one parent told the other he was behaving like a certain part of our anatomy (a less suitable word was used). As a result of the comment, the parent stood up and created a scene yelling and carrying on. Another family member left his seat and joined in the rant using inappropriate language of his own. Parents sat, simply shaking their heads. This kind of behavior is inappropriate and immature. It ruins the game for others and should be addressed by officials immediately. Getting angry, standing up and creating a scene because someone calls you a name is pathetic and childish. Grow up and act like adults or do the rest of us a favor and stay home. Ben Crane Aiken