Victor Reilly's letter, "Too much profit in health care?" on Dec. 1, is a perfect example of what Democratic presidential candidates are referring to when they speak of "change" and "take the nation in a different direction." Let's not stop spending billions of taxpayer dollars for free medical, educational and welfare services for illegal immigrants. Let's change and take profit away from the insurance companies so that families who make more than $66,000 annually (which is 300 percent above the poverty level) can be provided with government assisted medical care. Let's not continue to seek out and destroy the Islamic terrorists who threaten to destroy our country and our citizens. Let's change and negotiate with the terrorists who view negotiations as a weakness. Let's not continue our current tax cuts which have brought record level revenues to the federal coffers. Let's change and repeal the tax cuts, increase tax rates on the individual and increase spending for those who are least productive in our society. Let's not continue to maintain a national unemployment rate of 4.7 percent by keeping taxes low. Let's change and raise taxes on oil companies, insurance companies and other businesses so they can lay off employees, increase the unemployment rate and push the country into recession. Let's not continue to insist that individuals make responsible decisions regarding their finances and family needs and live within their budget. Let's vote for change Democratic style and ask not what you can do for your country, but ask what your country can do for you. PeterJ. Seaha Aiken