Letters to the Editor

Hunter Biden gets a $50,000 per month position on the board of a gas company, a field he has no experience in, while his father represents the U.S. in.the same country. Democrats say "so what's the problem?"

Adam Schiff adds language like "get all the dirt you can" and "I'm only going to tell you seven times" to the text of Trump's phone call. Democrats say "so what's the problem?"

Then Schiff gets caught in a lie, not once but twice, about not having prior contact with the whistleblower. Democrats say "so what's the problem?"

Schiff holds closed hearings and only releases snippets of information he approves. And Democrats say, "so what's the problem?"

The problem is Democrats are not interested in facts unless they support their narrative. Whether you love or hate Trump, this one-sided miscarriage of justice and blatant dishonesty should cause concern. As far as the admitted politically biased whistleblower – with a past relationship to Biden – is concerned, I believe he/she has violated every intelligence community oath of service by offering his/her interpretation of a private presidential phone call and should be tried for treason. 

Larry Newman