Letters to the Editor

There is hardly a day goes by that I am not accused by my bride of 53 years of making a gross generalization. Odds are, I saw my comment as close to a fact then as I do now.

Now I admit to limitations of memory brought about by advanced years but there was an article, I think, in the Wall Street Journal, that discussed a character flaw in all males as toxic masculinity. They applied some not so valid logic to spin this narrative so that all the problems and failures of the nation, if not the world, could be blamed on males with toxic masculinity.

I originally ignored this screaming case of female misandry as just that. However, I began to think of the huge increase in men staying at home to take care of the kids while the coiffed and successful professional woman brought home the bacon. 

Beta Male: A man tending to assume a passive or subservient role in social or professional situations.

"There's nothing macho about him – he's a total beta male."

At the time, this was seen as a modern and gender-neutral concept. There was no foul noted at the time. This opening led to a man being portrayed as just something slightly less than a full male specimen but it was not said, it was only alluded to and since no one wants to draw the wrath of a single woman much less an entire army of militant feminist, all was silent. The narrative was allowed to live, breath and grow. 

By this time, I am sure that I have poked a finger in the eye of at least one reader.

So where is this conspiracy? What conspiracy you might add? If I knew, I would be published in The New York Times. There are scores of examples just look for the stupid male.

Have you seen the news clip on a group of #MeToo type women being interviewed by the press. They are commenting on how they believe Dr. Ford’s testimony and also believe that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty. A woman on the second row steps up, takes control of the mike and says guilt or innocence are not important. What’s important is that males need to be taught a lesson.

Where does this marginalization of the American male come from? Why? Who is to benefit if I am not a kook in my observations?

My guess is that the man who represents the pinnacle of toxic masculinity to those groups who believe that all this testosterone is the cause of all our troubles is none other than President Trump. Compare the beta males in these ads to El Jefe, the Patron. 

Pay attention to the media who have the power to make all men look ridiculous or stupid.

As I said earlier, we have the power to do this to ourselves. We don’t need any help.

For discussion help, visit YouTube and read and listen to everything Ben Shapiro has to say.

Gus Fitch