Recent anti Trump letters in the Aiken Standard compare Trump to Hitler, extol the actions of Lt Col. Vindman and accuse Trump of conspiring to become an American dictator. All three show serious lapses in reasoning. Here’s why.

The Hitler comparison letter quotes the poem “First They Came,” a warning of a future holocaust. The letter writer purports that what happened to Holocaust victims happens to those who run afoul of President Trump.

The opposite is true. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch deserved her recall after her insubordination. Both Trump and President Zelensky criticized her performance; she is now an instructor in international diplomacy at Georgetown University. Americans need not cry for Yovanovitch.

Lt. Col. Vindman, a White House staffer, was called out for insubordination to his boss, the Commander in Chief Donald Trump, regarding a phone call and request to Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. The request was never fulfilled. Therefore Vindman’s accusations were unnecessary. In the military you don’t snitch on your commander in chief. However, all has gone smoothly as Vindman is now ensconced in the Pentagon. Future bosses will carefully monitor his performance.

While Trump is the strongest Chief Executive in modern memory, he is no dictator and never will be. Everything he has done is legal and is motivated by his positive vision for American citizens. He will win in a November landslide and most probably be succeeded by VP Pence in 2024. American democracy will continue to thrive.

As for being a Trump “victim,” we all should be so lucky.

James Haviland