I've never felt an urge to respond to a letter to the editor until I read one from March 7 from a reader expressing his surprise at "the lack of outrage at the recent deaths of the two police officers." As a resident of Aiken, as well as being close to Sandy Rogers, I was disturbed by this observation. Am I outraged that my friend and her colleague were murdered? Absolutely. Would I love to have time alone with the man who took her life and exact my pound of flesh? No doubt. However, I must ask, what good would that do? What good could I do if I hold onto that anger and give myself over to the negativity that would make me no better than their murderers? Everyone expresses anger differently. I want to use mine as a reminder that something must be done. I have faith in my City officials and in our law enforcement agencies that something will be done. My anger will remind them. However, I must temper my anger with patience in knowing that a plan worth instituting cannot be developed in a few short weeks. Giving into fear gives their killers more power than they're worth. Calling for outrage opens doors for more violence; more violence calls for more "hell to pay," and the cycle continues until Aiken looses its identity and becomes just like one of those "larger cities." Be angry. I am. I know that the community is. Our safety and security have been threatened. But use that to never forget. Use that to make sure that our leaders work to help ensure our safety and the safety of those who protect us. Use that to educate and nurture your children. Use it well. Use it for good. I will. Jamie Johnson Turner Aiken