Letters to the Editor

The coronavirus has captured the news headlines here and around the world. Currently, there have been 19 deaths attributed to the virus in the U.S. By contrast, influenza virus kills about 40,000 people in the U.S. annually. I am not minimizing the potential threat of this virus, I'm just putting things into perspective.

The Democratic Party leadership not wanting to let this crisis go to waste, went on the attack to weaponize the situation. On the recent debate stage and on political commercials President Trump has been attacked on his response to the virus. Comrade Bernie, Slow Joe, and Money Man Mike have led the charge. One claimed that President Trump cut the budget to NIH and CDC when in fact funding has increased. Another claimed that he called the virus a hoax when he called out the Democrats saying their response to his handling of the virus was a hoax.

The United States is the best equipped country in the world to handle this cris is. President Trump made the tough decision early to minimize flights from China, the genesis of the virus. Of course he was labelled as a xenophobe for that life saving decision. The health of this country is sound and so is its financial health.

Ed Sabo