Letters to the Editor

We get the following daily email from “The White House <info@mail.whitehouse.gov>,” and every day it seems to contain the same information from the same writers – writers who are employed by and supervised by the Trump administration. Today’s first message is titled: “The Do-Over Delusion,” and this is followed up by the quote, “No matter how many times Democrats demand a do-over, the results won’t change.”

It seems the writers for our president’s email, titled “West Wing Reads,” are being directed to send this message to Americans from the president to keep them informed of his thinking on subjects he feels we need to have information about.

What should Americans take from the wording found above? Well, one thing one might notice is the fact that the president seems to think he is president of one group of people, a group which excludes those Democrats, though, which is a big problem for America.

Regardless of the exact numbers, if you take away the independents and others who refuse to identify with the two major political parties in America, you end up with two groups of Americans, roughly half of whom identify as Republicans and half of whom identify as Democrats. And since the president seems to think it is necessary to send his thoughts to those who identify as Republicans, a pretty large number of Americans are seen as being on the other side of the political fence. Which, if you are counting for support in the upcoming presidential election, just might be more than a little bit of a problem, if to no one else, to those in the current administration.

Is this a problem for America, though? Well, in the short run, it is. You see, our president will never be a true president of the American people as long as he continues to address only those who he thinks are his initial supporters. And, that being the case, our American president is seen as president only by those who consider themselves as being part of that “base” who just barely won the last election and who just might find themselves on the losing side this next time. Donald Trump has been seen by all Americans to be just what he is. We all have our own opinions and there is no way for anyone to change that at this moment.

Do you like what Trump has accomplished for America since he was inaugurated? Does America like what he has done? Or, what he has not done, for that matter.

The first Tuesday in November 2020 will give us our answer.

Stephen V. Geddes