Letters to the Editor

DeVine/Trump’s Jingoistic 4Th of July

In his column on July 8, Mr. Jack DeVine states that Trump delivered “a powerful speech” and “hit all the right notes” during his Fourth of July presentation at Mount Rushmore. However, DeVine failed to report what those “right notes” were, unless, they were Trump's jingoistic comments of “defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters” and the “left-wing cultural revolution.” Or it could have been Trump’s statement that “our children are taught to hate our own country.”

I know a few school teachers who will take exception to that comment. Or it could have been Trump’s comments that “liberals are forming far-left fascism” and there is a “left-wing cultural revolution” to take over our country. DeVine did say, “if you hate Donald Trump, do not vote for him in November.” And then once more, I guess just for good measure, DeVine stated “don’t let your hatred get in the way of your love for this great country.” That's a lot of hate.

Speaking of the word “hate” allow me to digress for a moment. The other day I stopped to ask a neighbor/friend if he was feeling OK. He responded that he was and was just resting. Then he said to me, I read you recent letter to the editor while having my breakfast and almost got sick.

I didn’t know what to say.

Then he said, why do you hate DeVine? And with that I bristled and said, I don’t hate DeVine, I don’t hate Trump, I don’t hate anyone. And, furthermore, I replied, it is you conservatives that favor the use the hate word in your speeches and in your writings.

After we exchanged a few more comments, I said, we are never going to agree on this and I wished him well and went on my way. I know my neighbor/friend to be a political conservative, a family man, a religious man and a person who is well regarded in our community. But I was disappointed with his baseless accusation toward me. I’m sure there are people who use the hate word without understanding its full meaning and its effect on others. We’ve learned the past three-plus years that the use of offensive, obnoxious and objectionable words toward others has become common place.

Back to DeVine. Was it really necessary for DeVine to repeat, almost verbatim, the same speech Trump gave on Mount Rushmore? DeVine could have reported Trump’s talking points that the COVID-19 virus is “99% totally harmless” or that “the virus will soon disappear.” Or DeVine could have reported about Trump’s new divergence plan to build a “National Garden of American Heroes.” Wow, I can’t wait to see them. Can you?

I can only hope that people make an intelligent and thoughtful decision come November.

Fred Hoefle