Letters to the Editor

Is there no limit to the arrogance and narcissism of Donald Trump? His plans for the July 4th celebration in the nation’s capital include moving the fireworks display to a new area and apparently a speech by him on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., has been apolitical for decades. Huge crowds on the mall appear every year for several entertainment acts and then ooh and aah at the spectacular fireworks show. None of Trump's predecessors appeared there to give political speeches or to hold rallies. The celebration in Washington, D.C., like most in the country have been totally Americana with the waving of flags, patriotic songs and red, white and blue outfits. Good feelings about the country permeate the air.

Well now it seems the president wants to change that. He has inserted himself into the planning for the celebration, directing changes to the format that apparently will fit his political aims. Trump appearing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is the ultimate insult to Lincoln. It is just not right that President Trump, whose lies and misstatements during his presidency number in excess of 10,000, will give a speech from the steps of the Honest Abe Memorial.

Why must he mess with a modern American tradition? Because he is behaving like he usually does – totally self-centered and with no respect for a purely patriotic celebration. He is shameless.

Frank Ruocco