Letters to the Editor

Much is being said about the sluggish effort by the Trump Administration in response to the coronavirus. Mixed messages have been the rule from both Trump and Pence and many of their administrators. The media has reported the Trump Administration has tried to forestall the release of information as the coronavirus has spread, and continues to spread, throughout the U.S. Reportedly there has been an internal debate on just how far to go in telling the truth. Mr. Jack DeVine, a well-known supporter of all things Trump, seems to be following the same path in his recent column. DeVine poses the question, is it as bad as some may believe, or, is it all political hype. The real question should be are we Americans deserving of the truth? Instead it appears we get one mixed message after another from the Trump Administration.

You will recall that Trump’s initial response was the U.S. had 10 or 15 cases and they would all be recovered by the end of the week. Trump stated this whole coronavirus thing will blow over when the weather warms up in April. And that his team has everything under control and not to worry. In fact, Trump reported that many people who are sick with the coronavirus may even go to work. Wouldn’t that be great to work beside someone who has the coronavirus disease?

Pence, not unlike Trump, first reported that those who wanted to be tested could go to their doctor and get the test. The very next day Pence reversed his statement and said the U.S. does not have enough testing kits for everyone, but we’ll have additional kits “very soon.” Larry Kudlow and Kellyanne Conway stated the coronavirus has been contained, or, almost contained. Yet, everyday we receive reports that more people are dying, more people testing positive and more states reporting verified coronavirus cases. The CDC and the WHO are providing their assessments but Trump, has a “hunch,” and believes the numbers are lower. The mixed messages, or outright lies, that Trump and associates are putting forth have created confusion and anxiety for many people especially those elderly with health conditions.

Regrettably, DeVine’s writing adds more confusion by comparing the coronavirus to the common flu and automobile accidents. Really? DeVine, who always soft pedals issues negative toward Trump, believes the coronavirus may be “just a string of maladies that crop up from time to time” and then “beaten back by modern medicine.” Yet, the modern medicine people, the CDC and WHO, are telling us we have a major problem, but their advice is ignored. Unlike Trump’s statements, the CDC is telling us that an actual vaccine will not be available for 12 to 18 months. With that, DeVine suggests that Trump’s action has been “sound.” Again…really?

It’s up to us to educate ourselves and decide if Trump is making America great. Or as Trump often says…we’ll have to see.

Fred Hoefle