Letters to the Editor

In the letter “Letter writer read his mind,” printed in the Aiken Standard Feb. 13, 2017, I stated that I was concerned about Trump’s mental health. Not claiming to be a psychiatrist or an expert in mental health, there were enough signs early on that gave me a strong feeling that things were not right and it has gotten worse. When did it all start?

During the campaign, his rhetoric at rallies was frenzied and rattling. From “lock her up” chants and promises he never intended to keep, such as great health care for everyone, bothered me. The Republican Congress had six years during Obama’s term to get a health care program out and nothing happened. So, Trump was going to get it done? No way; that isn’t a Republican thing. I’m going to drain the swamp and so on. Too many things that bothered me and you can keep going but it adds up to the same thing.

Shortly after the election, the president said that President Obama had wiretapped his phones during the campaign. No proof or evidence provided.

After being fired, FBI Director James Comey testified under oath that he had written memos about his meetings with the president. Trump didn’t like the press coverage of the memos. He said they were all lies and he had tapes to prove it. He has not as of now provided the tapes.

You can bring up the Stormy Daniels saga, love letters from Kim Jong Un, the press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, the Paris climate accord, the Iran nuclear deal and the trade war with China. By the way, trade wars are easy to win. Just ask the farmers in the Midwest. Of course, they did get $28 billion to aid them while on welfare.

Today, after two and half years from the time I made the statement, my mind has not changed but has worsened each time he adds another tweet. I should be a little easier on him as he is the “chosen one.”

Jim McGaughy