Letters to the Editor

This is in response to a Feb. 21 letter to the editor in the Aiken Standard. The writer said he believed Trump’s election in 2016 was an act of God.

I find that assertion beyond disturbing.

I too, am a Christian.

I find many of Trump’s actions completely un-christian. My God does not approve of: Demonizing immigrants; separating families at our border-they are seeking refuge from violence; caging children of immigrants for months if not years; referring to white nationalists as “very fine people”; eliminating health insurance for millions of people; eliminating food stamps leaving millions of children in need; making it more difficult for people with disabilities to obtain Social Security benefits; turning our natural resources over to companies that pollute our environment; filling this administration with people that are tried and subsequently found guilty of lying to Congress and the FBI; having numerous affairs with adult film stars while married; continually using foul language and advocating violence at campaign rallies – thankfully many networks bleep it out; bragging about sexually assaulting women; ridiculing people with disabilities; denigrating the late senator and American hero John McCain, Gold Star families and veterans; alienating our NATO allies and promoting dictators; condemning freedom of the press; using the justice department to target his political enemies.

The writer of the Feb. 21 letter thinks it is a good idea for Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary for a weak candidate. He hopes that will help Trump get reelected. I find it ironic that the writer would suggest rigging an election. Trump claimed the 2016 election was rigged and he should have won the popular vote. His own-appointed committee proved that to be just another lie. My God does not approve of cheating to win an election.

Please do not use my God to dismiss Trump's activities.

Thomas Springsteen