Letters to the Editor

In 2017, President Trump said “Foreign policy is what I’ll be remembered for.”

Let’s review some parts of his policy: Afghanistan, China, Denmark, Finland, India, Iran, ISIS, NATO, North Korea, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine …

In dealing with these entities and others the president has revealed an unlimited degree of ignorance about foreign affairs; he has criticized long-standing friends and allies; he has cozied up to autocrats and dictators; he has absolved leaders who have orchestrated murders in other countries, including a newsman for a U.S. paper who was dismembered after being killed; he has sought assistance from foreign leaders to find negative information on his political opponents (clearly illegal acts); he takes the word of two of his autocratic friends over that of his Intelligence Community; he has been snookered by several leaders; he has cancelled U.S. participation in treaties with results opposite of what he predicted; he has used terms like “fire and fury” and “obliteration like you’ve never seen” while being oblivious to the implications of what he is says; he has tried to insert himself in the inner workings of other countries; he had a first-rate ambassador removed because she was not in sync with his plan to extort information from that country; he has exhibited bias against people of color; he has used a non-government individual of questionable character to carry out foreign policy; he extolled a ”love letter” from a murderous dictator; and he betrayed allies in Syria after a conversation with one of his autocratic friends, resulting in a likely resurgence of ISIS (notwithstanding the recent killing of al-Baghdadi).

Many of his aggressive acts have humiliated the United States while driving respect for the country to some of its lowest levels. He suggested that his willingness to defend a country might depend on how much that country was willing to pay us to save it. He has overseen the dismantlement of the State Department and has put forward an untold number of lies about his foreign policy initiatives.

Will Donald Trump be remembered for his foreign policy performance? Absolutely.

Frank Ruocco