Letters to the Editor

Rep. Adam Schiff and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, both from California, along with Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., are all cut from the same cloth. One lies and the other two swear to it. It’s time for them to answer to the people.

The three amigos said they had evidence against Trump in the Mueller investigation. I want to know why they never submitted said evidence to Mueller because there is no record of it. That is called withholding evidence in an official investigation, obstructing justice and interfering, making them all subject to being prosecuted.

When Schiff read his version of the Trump/Ukraine conversation he falsified a document by putting it into the House record. He said it was just a, “parody” but he publicly fabricated a version and submitted the document into the House record as evidence to address wrong doing by Trump making it obstructing of justice and interfering and tampering with evidence once again in his own bogus investigation.

The fact that Schiff is running his intelligence committee with the backing of Pelosi like a dictator in a banana republic where people don’t have rights to defend themselves like our sixth amendment should alarm everyone; meaning we could all be next.

With that as a former law enforcement officer I feel duty bound and have filed numerous criminal charges against the three despicable criminal Trump haters with two government agencies that address politicians who violate their oaths of office and commit criminal acts.

Gregory J. Topliff