Letters to the Editor

This is a response to Jack DeVine’s column, “Issues for everyone.”

Jack DeVine believes that we all can agree on what a “pompous braggart” Donald Trump is. I agree with him. But he says we should all agree with his “performance as President.” I disagree. The arguments Mr. Devine talks about are not what the “resistance” (as he calls it) is about. He talks about the trade war with China and the summit meetings with North Korea. He says the issues that “don’t benefit every American” are the “resistance” to anything and everything the administration tries to do, and … pointless squabbles about a Mueller report.”

Those who resist this president, and there are many, are appalled by his greed as evidenced by his disregard of the emolument clause. Trump’s supporters say how “wonderful” that he “donates his salary.” What they don’t understand is that he doesn’t care about a $400,000 salary when he is making millions on the hotels and resorts that he has not divested from. His whole administration is one of corruption and greed. Note all the heads of agencies that have been fired for ethics violations so far.

Trump has signaled to all the other greedy and corrupt lobbyists and bosses that the federal government is open for raping. And Trump’s supporters don’t understand that these greedy and venal heads of government agencies are dismantling all the agencies that have been helping Americans for years through Republican and Democrat administrations; agencies that we as Americans have counted on when we are unable to help ourselves out of trouble. Take for example, the Deptartment of Energy that regulates nuclear waste, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that forecasts hurricanes and flooding, or the Environment Protection Agency that helps with clean water, air and drilling bans in our ocean or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that has saved millions from the greed of Wall Street and big banks?

Once these safeguards are finally gone and Americans will not have the federal government to help them, then Trump’s supporters will ask “what happened?” Well, by then it will be too late.

Michele Springsteen