Letters to the Editor

I am a five-year volunteer for the S.C. Bluebird Society. I have spent many hours maintaining my trails, collecting data and enjoying watching my birds grow and thrive. While I am not a biologist, I have come to many conclusions about bluebirds and their life cycles. I can honestly say that my volunteer work has become therapeutic in that it brings me back to what I find important in life.

Unfortunately I learned today that the Silver Bluff Audubon Center in Aiken does not practice what the National Audubon Center claims as their mission. Today I found 70% of my bluebird boxes decimated by what I believe to have been an invasion of raccoons.

I believe this was because the Silver Bluff Audubon decided to have the adjacent forests harvested during the breeding season. This harvesting eliminated the natural food sources that were previously available and created an imbalance in the ecosystem in that area. I feel that this could have been done during the winter months, decreasing the impact on the birds they claim to protect. This is an extremely sad day for me and I will not think of the Audubon Society in the same way from this day forward. I hope they use the money collected from this harvest to educate the people who are maintaining the Silver Bluff Audubon properties.

Tony Spence