Letters to the Editor

This letter is a response to Frank Ruocco’s letter of Aug. 14: “Republicans support Trump’s racism.”

He bases his comments on Donald Trump’s suggestions to four minority congresswoman that they go back to where they came from. His comments have been condemned as racist first by The New York Times and then by the rest of the liberal, leftist media. The “Old Gray Lady” has forsaken news reporting for its new agenda, the destruction of the Trump presidency.

Unfortunately, half the nation is calling the other half racist, but no one does anything to improve it. Political leaders and media can’t wait to pounce on someone suspected of racism. Almost any comment is analyzed for racist content. Historically, only the McCarthy era shows anything similar.

But let’s take charges of racism out of the picture and see what could happen if the congresswomen follow Trump’s advice and went home to work for their constituents – a wise move since their quest for impeachment is doomed.

Ayanna Pressley should return to Boston and take a stand against regular drive-by shootings in minority sections of the city. Currently, Boston is grappling with the “Methadone Mile” a section of her district which is rife with drug abuse, homelessness and prostitution. Pressley could forsake the Washington swamp and work to improve quality of life in her hometown.

Rashida Tlaib was elected to represent Detroit, not to impeach Trump – an ambition she announced in the halls of the Capitol with a foul imprecation involving the president’s mother. Nor was she elected to represent Palestine. She should depart Washington and return to her state and help bring minority Americans into the mainstream.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should rethink her Democratic socialist agenda which included preventing Amazon from a New York presence, depriving thousands of New York jobs. She should give up her unachievable Green Initiative with the ineffective Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and do something practical for Bronx residents.

Ilhan Omar should return to Minnesota where she was elected to support farmers and laborers. So far all she has done is to criticize Trump – vowing to war with him on every issue. She could even make a state visit to Somalia and be a positive example to young Somali women endangered by male brutality. She might even bring in industry to replace Somali pirating.

If these Congresswomen followed Trump’s suggestion, it would certainly do much to keep America great.

James Haviland