Letters to the Editor

Is anyone else as outraged as I that our good governor is allocating two-thirds of the available Governors Emergency Education Relief funds – $32 million of a total $48 million of our tax dollars from the CARES Act through the SAFE grant program, to private schools. This, the governor who for the last two weeks has been harping on getting schools open with no plans or idea about what may be necessary to fund our public schools for what will be required to open safely for students, faculty and support personnel.

As pointed out within the article by Chuck Saylors, president of the South Carolina School Boards Association, announcing this benevolent allocation, those private institutions are not required to do the same reporting of accountability mandated by public institutions, including administration of pre- and post-assessments, reports on expenditures or documentation of the impact of the programs or services provided. In other words, free money with no strings attached.

Please think about this and decide for yourselves what part of society benefits from such a decision. Two thirds of the total funds to private schools, really. This is definitely the Secretary of Education's Betsy DeVos school of thinking as her agenda has been to increase funding for private institutions and help privatize more of education from the beginning of her tenure.

Gregory Kelly