Letters to the Editor

Here we are, still at war with something called COVID-19, a coronavirus. The question that begs an answer is why weren't we prepared to get the soldiers in the trenches the weapons they needed to meet it head-on?

Who was in charge of seeing that we were ready for what our health experts say was inevitable? I would say it was the jobs of the 50 states, but viruses don't seem to honor sovereignty or borders, and to win this kind of war we needed to act as one. Try getting 50 governors to agree on a battle plan. Good luck!

Who can we put in charge of making sure we have a plan and enough health care troops, facilities and protective supplies to repulse the next threat? What about the guy that comes on television every now and then to remind us to follow the experts' advice on social distancing and wearing masks? He wears a uniform and they call him a general – the Surgeon General.

We all know a general issues orders and get things done, and that is exactly what we need to be ready for COVID-20, or whatever the next virus will be. Above all, we need a commitment to the public health of this country similar to the commitment we make to the defense program. After all, a nation's defense is only as good as the health of its citizens. And, please, let's put someone in charge of getting the job done.

Robert Engle