Letters to the Editor

Recently, several people wrote letters to the editor blaming President Trump for the Chinese virus. I had planned to write a letter pointing out the ignorance of those folks but after some thought I decided that would be a waste of my time. 

Instead, I decided to write about President Trump being a wartime president. Trump was correct when he said he was a wartime  president. I hope he was not only talking about war against the Chinese virus but was including the much more important war against the Left. If we lose the war against the virus hundreds of thousands will die but if we lose the war against the left millions will die worldwide.

The Democratic Party is run by Marxists/communists that want a one-world government. They know the largest obstacle in their way is the U.S. with Trump as president. They knew they were well on their way if Hillary had been elected.

The face of the one-world government is George Soros. Soros has said some of the happiest times of his life were when he helped his stepfather turn in Jews to the Nazis during World War II. Soros’ fortune was started with money his stepfather received from the Nazis. Soros, along with other billionaires, is funding groups like MoveOn.Org, Open Society Foundation and Democracy Alliance. These groups are spreading racism among blacks and Hispanics in their effort to control them. They give black and Hispanic leaders handouts so they will help spread propaganda and lies to their followers. They pick Democratic candidates who will sell their soul to the devil to get elected.

While the left/Democrats did not create this pandemic. Just think what will happen when they can create their own.

Charles Cushman