Letters to the Editor

As I read the letters to the editor from Mr. Topliff, Mr. Sabo, Mr. Meyer, Mr. DeVine and other conservatives who wish to express their opinion, I just do not understand. If you do not agree with the conservative worldview, therefore you are simply seen as the enemy. If you are not with us you are the enemy which is the tone of the many conservative letters that end up in the Standard.

We who are not conservative, most of us do talk and listen to people not like ourselves. Believe it or not, liberals comprise a quarter of the Fox News audience. Part of being fair is listening to the other side. Conservatives can and do get things wrong, but if we say that we are accused of being biased.

This is the reason conservatives complain that mainstream media delivers fake news, even though responsible news outlets use two independent sources for any story that is broadcast or published. The Trump administration has consistently refused to be called out for its malfeasance and his supporters go right along with him for reasons I cannot fathom except that’s he is simply their guy.

The recent news that the Russians have put a bounty on U.S. soldiers Trump says is a hoax even though he was briefed in writing, but he does not like to read. The administration says COVID-19 will go away when it gets warmer, and we have it under control. If that is the case why is it that six months into this pandemic there is still a shortage of PPE for the hardest hit areas in the South?

Trump and Pence say we have more material stockpiled than any other administration. There are long lines for testing and Trump continues to say we are testing more than any other country. If we stopped testing the numbers would go down. What happened to the big, beautiful, better health care and rebuilding the infrastructure? All this while Trump plays golf and holds rallies where more people get infected, including Mr. Herbert Cane and Secret Service personnel.

When are Trump supporters going to realize that their stable genius in reality is a raving racist, xenophobic, misogynistic narcissist? When is the Republican Party going to stand up and do something about this guy? What are they afraid of? Every politician he supported in the last election lost.

If the conservative Republicans do not confront him on his abuse of power and immoral behavior, they cheapen their own message in the process. Republicans, if you are afraid of the world around you and losing the status quo, come in November you may be in for a big surprise; but then again that will be fodder for all the future letters that will end up in the Standard.

Richard H. Koblin