Letters to the Editor

I wonder if the guest columnists ever ponder these questions:

1. Did God think the European settlers were so pious that they were worthy of a separate nation (in the manner of ancient Israel) or was it so that man could try every form of government before he realized he couldn’t govern himself without theocratic order with its seat of power in the heavens?

2. Are blessings in store when rather than treat those who helped you survive with kindness, they killed them through violence, pestilence and neglect. Forced marches to take what was left.

3. Under the law given to the Jews slavery was allowed. The slavery was governed by humane rules. There is no slavery to be practiced by Christians. So are there blessings in store for those (or their offspring) who practiced it? Why was the Native American not enslaved? He didn’t fear death as much as dishonor. The black slave had hope of deliverance from injustice.

4. Such a fuss about proper respect for the flag. If the claim is, “one nation under God,” how is so much animosity shown toward anyone thought to dishonor or disrespect a man-made inanimate object if they don’t stand or salute or cross their hearts when it’s presented? If one fails to say the pledge of allegiance that’s almost considered heresy. How far is that from the definition of idolatry?

Were not God’s people in Israel punished for like behavior? Why not pledge allegiance to God? We know where we live. We don’t need reminders or showy displays of national pride.

5. What is this religious right rolled out every election? They don’t know that the communion sacraments involve wine and unleavened bread and not water and plain white bread. Even though Christ instituted it.

Do they endorse the most capable man or the one who most fits into their so-called faith? Or their so-called conservative values which usually lean toward exclusion. They seem to always be rather white and somewhat older.

What about the religious left? Sharpton, Jackson etc. the same old crowd, those who have enriched themselves by somehow getting in front of protests.

When we pridefully call ourselves “one nation under God” but pledge devotion to a piece of cloth and look to as a type of savior a man who doesn’t know Two Corinthians from Second Corinthians.

We need not be so smug in our Christian pride but fearful of divine vengeance, not only for our sins but also Revelation 11:18.

If no one would be mining the Earth there would be no global warming. Why this prophecy?

That prophecy is for climate change deniers. John wrote it almost 2,000 years ago. I wonder why.

You never hear it preached. We put our trust in an earthling man; impious, self-serving, looking for a lifetime pension dictating to men and women. Not so much in God.

We’ll soon learn.

Tyrone McClain