Letters to the Editor

It never ceases to amaze me the letters published in a newspaper. It's easy to see that many writers have an obsession, and love to quote their "facts." Allow me to do some quoting of my own. 1) Conflict, discontent and civil unrest has existed from the beginning of time. 2) No person on this earth or a law written by them will ever remove evil and hate 3) The thirst for power and control will always exist, with conspirators and treachery abounding.

Some writers blame whomever is in office. They rant about supposed lying going on with the current elected officials. They do their writing as if no lies have ever been told until now. The funny thing is, those same writers stayed quiet about that subject when it was their person of choice in office. When they lied, and it was often I might add, their pen and pad stayed in the drawer then?

Although, they did come out occasionally to sing high praises about what a great job their person was doing. I would disregard their writings; I chose to better utilize my time. I knew they were just a confused souls, so unhappy and distraught in life, and they were compelled to express themselves as they did.

Another fact that few can relate to is, 4) Time reveals all things.

Since society is so fast paced, they want time to be quick. So in answer to this is, let's demonstrate daily how to "hate" and ruin who's in office and then we'll take power and control. The fallacy is that whenever a power exchange does occur, it's just a new twist on the same age-old situation.

My quoted facts will remain.

I encourage people to keep writing though. It increases dopamine levels for that feel good moment. It's short lived though, so they'll need to keep at it. Letter writers may get so good at writing it could lead to becoming a better speaker. Then next they may get some high profile media coverage. They'll be on their way then, speaking engagements, selling books, doing talk shows, etc.

Before you know it, they'll think they're good enough to run for office. No talent or qualifications are required nowadays, just plenty of media exposure to relay your way of thinking. There'll have plenty of conformers; it's a very permissive society. Be sure to use key buzzwords like "racist," or more current words that end in "-phobia" it'll get lots of attention.

Before you know it, they'll be in a position to fix everything.

David Williams