Letters to the Editor

No Regrets

This is not a vacation. This is not a whoop-dee-doo, I-don’t-have-to-go-to-work hiatus. This is a critical time. And yet…

I don’t want to come out on the other side with regret. You know the regret I’m talking about. Like the weekend you were going to get so much done and didn’t. The new year you resolved to re-prioritize and “do better” but didn’t. The summer you were going to read 20 books and didn’t read at all. It goes on and on. That type of regret carries with it an overwhelming feeling of, “I’m so mad at myself” and “I want a re-do!” The pain is real.

No, I can’t regret that I let even one day pass without…

1. Praying

2. Reading

3. Singing

4. Writing (something, anything whether fragmented or polished)

5. Cleaning/straightening (even one drawer, cupboard, corner)

6. Walking outdoors

7. Encouraging someone

8. Being thankful

9. Communicating with family

10. Stimulating my brain (crossword puzzles/learning something new)

11. Using social media to stay connected with friends/co-workers

12. Laughing (or making someone else laugh)

I wonder what your personal list will look like. Let’s encourage each other to embrace this time as a sojourn through rest, reflection, refreshment, renewal – not regret.

Lorraine Ray