Letters to the Editor

In the 2016 election, people who voted for Donald Trump thought they were electing a president, but they got a king, a monarch and an authoritarian. Vladimir Putin must be happy because he put in a lot of effort.

Dec. 7 ,1941 was a day of infamy. Pearl Harbor was bombed but we could correct it and we did.

Jan. 31, 2020 was a day of infamy and I don’t know if we can correct it. The shining light of democracy, it’s brilliance seen around the world, no longer shines.

Our democratic form of government, three equal branches with checks and balances no longer exists. The executive branch rules the roost. Congressional subpoenas are defied and no witnesses appear for questioning or any documents given.

We also lost something else, the Republican Party. Gone is the party of free trade, fair government and budget spending. It is now the Trump party. Our senior senator, Lindsey Graham, who is often on television and has a loud mouth, said prior to the trial his mind was made up and needed no new evidence. Our junior senator, Tim Scott, says nothing but he’s a closet Trumpian. Not a dime’s worth of difference in the two. The Trump agenda to bring down our democracy and our senators did not stand up for our country but did for King Trump.

We don’t have fair trials any longer. Have you ever heard of a trial without witnesses? You have now. The jurors had made up their minds before the trial began. Some had admitted openly beforehand.

Having been born during the Great Depression, I won’t be around to see the final result of this period in our history. For all the younger people, I wish them the best.

Jim McGaughy