Letters to the Editor

I’ve watched the story unfold little by little as information becomes available on exactly what transpired leading to Dr. Sean Alford’s resignation. I support an investigation to get at the truth. I doubt that will happen based on the severance package awarded and non-disclosure agreement signed.

For those defending him, I ask if the CEO of any company who physically threatened an employee – and it was captured on tape – would be allowed to continue in that position? Wouldn’t that warrant a suspension or at least an investigation? CEOs are accountable for their actions regardless of their job performance.

The School Board and Dr. Alford could have acted in this manner rather than a behind-the-scenes negotiation to avoid a public disclosure after a fair, impartial investigation was conducted.

Politics, race, etc. have all been thrown into this discussion for public consumption. Rumor, innuendo and speculation are rampant. The newspaper appears to exhibit a bias favoring Dr. Alford.

Board members resigned in protest.

A full page ad of support by citizens was published.

Politics are a part of any board, but members have an obligation to voters and students to do the right thing. Resignations rarely solve a problem and certainly haven’t in this case. The fact remains that a majority of the board members decided this was a proper action based on whatever occurred. I see no evidence of racism so far. Let’s go ahead with a full investigation before we canonize Dr. Alford.

Res ipsa loquitur.

Jack Burke