Letters to the Editor

A recent Letter to the Editor by Mr. Frank Ruocco asserted that Trump loyalists have been misguided due to the recent firing of the acting director of National Intelligence who allowed a member of his staff to brief the House Intelligence Committee on possible attempts by Russia to meddle in the 2020 election.

Being a retired Naval Officer, I can believe that Admiral William McCraven, the past acting director of National Intelligence, is an honorable man and has served this nation in various positions during his years of service. However, I question the motives of the House Intelligence Committee, which if I recall was chaired by Adam Schiff who continually lied about having evidence pertaining to Russian collusion during the 2016 election. Wasn't it also Schiff who led the recent impeachment inquires of the president and afterwards stated that he would continue to investigate Russia for interference. So If you were the president, would you be happy or reluctant to allow staff members to testify before the House Intelligence Committee, not knowing the real purpose of the meeting.

The recent letter also states the president was wrong and not well informed about Iran, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria. I find it most interesting that the author was so well-informed about our national dealings with these countries and recommend that maybe he should apply for the job in the National Intelligence community.

A. Budnick