Medical professions have always advised us to wash our hands for 20 seconds with soap and hot/warm water. Because of the current virus scare, more and more people are actually doing it now.

We’ve heard that we can measure the 20 seconds by singing the “Happy Birthday” song or by singing the ABC song. I believe that I have a much better idea. How about saying the Lord’s Prayer instead? It takes about the same amount of time.

Instead of singing “Happy Birthday” to no one or repeating the monotonous ABCs, you can take this opportunity to pray for someone you know who may be seriously ill, grieving, lonely, depressed, addicted, etc. Or you can say a prayer for our country and/or our military personnel who surely can use the prayers right now.

Just imagine that you can say a beautiful prayer for someone in 20-25 seconds. You can even think about the words are praying instead of just rattling it off mindlessly.

Jack Grados