It is generally accepted logic that if one does the same thing, but expects a different result, is not very smart. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan has not learned this lesson. He and his Republican cohorts have released another budget for the third time that is almost a duplicate copy of the two that were previously released. Never mind that his and Mitt Romney’s budget ideas were soundly rejected by a sizable majority of the American public on Nov 6.

Ryan’s budget proposal was tweaked a little bit, but it took quite a bit of hypocrisy on his part for the tweaks to be put in. As we recall, he and Romney railed against the Obama administration for taking $716 billion out of Medicare in the months leading up to the election. These cuts are actually reductions in inflated payments to hospitals and doctors, but those little facts did not matter to Ryan and Romney. His budget proposal keeps those cuts in place.

The main thrust of Ryan’s latest iteration is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. He knows that is not going to happen, but he wants us to believe that its repeal is essential to the solvency of the United States. He also turns Medicare into a voucher system or what he calls premium support. I call it sticking it to senior citizens.

Medicaid will be turned into a block grant program for the states to administer, and it is projected to cut $757 billion from this program in ten years. Most people don’t know it, but Medicaid is the primary funding source for nursing home care for senior citizens. Not only will senior citizens get the shaft, but their children will get the shaft, also.

Moses Mims