Letters to the Editor

I know I'm a little late on this but last week the newspaper gave a lot of coverage – including the front page – about the rise in gun crime in the state. The article was all about gun stats/etc. There was no mention, that I saw, identifying why the rise?

How about you put the same stats together comparing the rise/epidemic of drug abuse and in particular opiates and meth. This is the real problem and is a major factor to the rise of gun violence. It's in plain sight and needs to be dealt with.

We are losing people daily not only to gun violence but also drugs. It's sick. In addition, the "gang element" that purveys these drugs needs to be eliminated.

I don't know just how but much of this problem could be solved by building the border wall but we as a country need to take action.

Make legal immigration much easier for the folks who want to live here. Other than liberal needs, there is no upside to open borders or sanctuary states or cities.

This is just my opinion.

Joe Eckel

Beech Island