Letters to the Editor

I don’t own a gun, but here are some thoughts.

In my opinion, it will be almost impossible to curb the outcome of gun violence.


First, how do you remove all guns from present owners? Get a warrant for law enforcement to thoroughly search every home and business in the U.S.? No way. It will never happen. No court would ever sustain such an order.

Even if a law were passed closing all sales of guns in the U.S., can one really believe there would be no way for someone to illegally smuggle guns into our country? (Just look at drug trafficking.)

But let’s say we could somehow stop all sales of guns and confiscate all the guns from present owners and truly become gun-free country. Can we also prevent a potential killer from using a knife, hand grenade or some other lethal weapon like a gasoline bomb to accomplish their evil desire?

Sadly, history teaches us that those who hate enough will always find some way to do their deeds.

Gary Caldwell