Letters to the Editor

WWII Veterans

Today in a local newspaper somewhere

we will read that

another WWII veteran has joined the heavenly force.

Time takes its toll; they stayed the course.

Each day their ranks become fewer and fewer

as these old soldiers leave us

to enroll in a heavenly legion

where they join the angels

in patrolling the celestial outermost regions.

We honor those special remaining few

who loved country, flag, and family

who left home to abolish tyranny

and fought to restore liberty,

and for whom losing was not an option.

May we never forget their sacrifice.

Prayers and tributes must now suffice.

Each day as their ranks grow slimmer

the light of the Greatest Generation glows dimmer,

their youthful vitality having been slowly diminished.

Memorial services and tributes will continue

until just one soldier is left.

With that last life ending,

a nation now totally bereft,

the light of that era will finally be extinguished.

Today, somewhere in these United States

another WWII veteran will be laid to rest.

Of that age in time, they were the very best.

We solemnly vow never to forget!

Joan M. Lacombe

Aiken's Poet Laureate