Letters to the Editor

My reading of Jack DeVine’s recent column titled “COVID-19, back with a vengeance” strikes me at best as justification by rationalization and at worst an irresponsible bit of pretentious nonsense.

Mr. DeVine states:

- The virus is back in force, with thousands of new cases. The virus is not back it simply continued to spread.

- He states that we thought we had the upper hand and by now this virus would be in the rear view mirror. That was not the thinking portion of the “we” he cites. If you followed the facts and the misdirection spewed daily by our president you had to know that our future was and is bleak.

- He states that we are losing the battle with our hands tied behind our backs. Really? This battle cannot be won by ignorance and self-promotion.

- He cites New York’s Governor Cuomo for disastrous results in New York and fails to acknowledge that he, through detailed and sustained positive leadership that continued to utilize updated factual information, successfully led New York to a better place.

- He fails to acknowledge that our President very adroitly utilized significant prime time TV for task force presentations that were basically extended campaigns speeches which were designed to misdirect and misinform.

- The president continues to harangue for school reopening’s with no apparent consideration for the safety of all involved. DeVine ignores this!

- DeVine holds Sweden up as a positive example and according to what I read their mortality rate from the virus is disastrous.

- He holds that expert advice is nothing but educated guessing. That educated guessing along with sustained positive leadership helped lead New York out of our worst disaster at the time to a much better place.

- He states that politics and partisanship have severely hampered our national response. No, a leadership with no true north, no appreciation for the facts and no interest but selfish has caused a bad situation to continue to get worse

- He states that variation in experience and outcomes is baffling. No it isn’t! It is ignorance and self interest that lead to ignorant and stupid actions that cause this variation.

- He states that the political blame game is nonsensical. No it isn’t! When you are a politician in a leadership position you are there to preserve, protect and defend not only our constitution but our population. This leadership is not doing that.

- He states that deriding a governor for opening too soon is meaningless. No it isn’t particularly when you consider the expert guidelines that those Governors flaunted.

- He challenges us to fight our common enemy with common purpose and common effort. Please tell me what I am to do with that bit of nonsense particularly when our national leadership will not define a winning national strategy.

The DeVine article was a horrible attempt at justification by rationalizing the contemptible past in a hope of stimulating a future for the unjustifiable.

Ronald L. Feller