Letters to the Editor

This is a response to Michelle Springsteen’s response to Jack DeVine’s column “Issues for Everyone," a critique of the Trump presidency. DeVine takes a praiseworthy approach but in Springsteen’s view Trump has done nothing right.

Let’s start with calling the world’s most famous man a “pompous braggart.” Here we’re dealing with leftist semantics. How about “self confidence” as a more accurate description of his manner. Americans didn’t vote for Casper Milquetoast or Mr. Rogers. They voted for a forceful, commanding leader who would stand up to America haters abroad and at home. He is not a “braggart.” Rather, he stands by his innumerable presidential accomplishments. In the face of constant condemnation by a uniformly leftist press which has lost sight of its mission to report the news. Instead, the majority of the larger, nationally well-known newspapers and networks tilt their reporting to impose antipathy for the president and laud the policies of the Democratic left. The Democratic Party has made it its sole purpose to destroy him while neglecting their duty to govern.

Ms. Springsteen denounces his alleged “greed.” He has made a fortune as an international developer and builder while employing thousands and paying countless millions in taxes. Something that his Democratic Party rivals and presidential hopefuls have never done. There is nothing wrong with being a success, making a fortune and living a life of luxury. He earned it, unlike Kennedy and Roosevelt, who inherited it. (Or John Kerry who married it, twice.) And what about the greed of many of the current members of Congress, who have amassed fortunes in the process of “serving their country,” like Bernie Sanders who preaches socialism while amassing a fortune.

Springsteen alleges that Trump has broken the “emoluments clause,” forbidding the bribing of presidents and claims he has not divested from his many holdings. Not true: He long since divested to his capable sons and daughters. And if these businesses are making money – good. He is putting people to work and paying taxes on his gains. To see an abuse of the clause look at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s play for pay network where diplomats donated to the Clinton Foundation before securing an audience.

Springsteen claims this president has brought “Corruption to Washington.” Not so, it was already there in the swamp created by his big government predecessor. In the spirit of Ronald Reagan this president has cut back on the bloated regulatory agencies which exploded during the previous administration.

Unfortunately, our problem is not this president but the angry Democrats and leftist press who suffer from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome. The latest is the continued failure of Robert Mueller who appears to lack the courage to admit he was charged to investigate a Democratic Party hoax. Instead, he tells us that the president has not been exonerated but fails to say from what. Even illegals in America are told what crimes they are being charged with. Shouldn’t the same be true for a president? But as Trump has said repeatedly: no crime, no collusion, no felony, no misdemeanor.

James Haviland