Letters to the Editor

In April, City Council will be voting on a plastic bag ban. The ban is beneficial not just to Aiken but the whole world. Plastic bags are made from oil. Oil is a nonrenewable resource that humans are rapidly depleting. We are already facing an oil shortage for more necessary uses like transportation.

In addition, bags cannot be recycled easily. Because most of our landfills are full, the trash has to go someplace else. It sadly ends up in the ocean, often killing sea animals who mistake the bags for food. As a result, an average of 100,000 sea creatures are killed each year from plastics. There are lots of plastic bags floating around Aiken, too. They are littering our streets and clogging our storm drains, causing expensive damage to our town.

Thirteen municipalities in South Carolina have banned plastic bags, with more considering bans every day. I urge our City Council to pass a bag ban in Aiken.

If you would like to help pass this bill, please contact your council person to persuade them to vote yes.

Caroline Johnston