Letters to the Editor

There is something to be said about the top Democrats running for president but first I have to say that I’m glad Mike Bloomberg dropped out. Anyone who could spend $500 million dollars of his own money on ads is someone who doesn’t respect his own money.

He was on a fool’s errand to buy what he couldn’t afford and that is people’s integrity.

Bloomberg made another bad move when he dropped out supporting Biden. Why? I think he forgot about Biden’s criminal acts.

Biden colluded with Obama committing treason when they gave Iran $150 billion dollars that was seized. To be brief, treason is aiding and comforting the enemy. It’s common knowledge that Iran hates our country with a passion and has supported the killing of our people. As soon as Iran got the money their people were in the streets yelling, “Death to America.”

Biden also committed the act of blackmail and threatening on TV for all to see when he said he would withhold monetary support for the Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son. How Bloomberg can condone these acts is beyond me. If a citizen pulled this garbage they would be jailed or hung.

Then there is Bernie Sanders a self-proclaimed socialist. Maybe he should move to another country where he would be accepted because he sure isn’t wanted here.

Gregory J. Topliff