Letters to the Editor

What is going on in our country? It looks like those who run it are only interested in themselves: How to get re-elected and how to make a lot of money. They don’t care about the people who elected them.

Take the opioid crisis, 400,000 people have died in the past two decades. The company that produces these pills transferred its money overseas and is now declaring bankruptcy. The president is not doing anything about it. He probably received a lot of money from them when he was running for president and now it is payback time.

Take e-cigarettes. Every day we read about young people dying because of using them. The advertisers told them that e-cigarettes were safer than regular cigarettes, which, as they already knew, is not true. What is the president doing about it? Nothing. He probably received large donations from them to be elected and now it is payback time.

Take guns. The NRA played a big part in getting this president elected and now it is payback time. Every day we read articles of people getting killed by a gun. Children are not safe in schools any longer. People get killed on the street, in movie theaters, restaurants, malls, in their homes, etc. Do the president and our representatives do anything about it? No, because they received a lot of money from the NRA to protect them. To say: “It’s my constitutional right” is total nonsense in this day and age.

All those who support opioid, vapor cigarettes and guns are murderers and only care about money and power. We need to elect a president who cares about us, our families and our children.

Jeanine Gates