Letters to the Editor

Too many words are being weaponized today, especially from the left, not the least of which are "color" and "racist." Martin Luther King wisely exhorted that he wished to see the day when people were judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Sadly, the Democrats are not heeding his words, so now we hear with monotonous regularity "people of color" and "women of color" regarding political bias. We all have color of some sort; I am rather pinkish except when I stay in the sun too long.

Of the Squad members, only Ayanna Pressley is truly "of color" in that she is a black woman. And so what? I would rather know the content of her character and her heart as opposed to if she has the politically correct "color."

And why don't people who should know better use the word "racist" or "racism" correctly? Today in this ugly climate of hate, if someone calls out a person from Poland, for instance, he might likely be called a racist. What? Poland is a country and its citizens are Polish. Nothing to do with race.

Unfortunately, when people disagree with people of another race, they are labeled racist. Apparently, it is not OK to argue with someone of another ethnicity or race. How demeaning to those who want an honest debate or conversation about important issues. And worse, how deleterious to our republic that was founded – idealistically – on free speech and a free exchange of ideas.

Pat Kirk