Letters to the Editor

The Aiken Standard properly covered the recent lecture at USC Aiken by Ms. Judith Evans, a survivor of the World War II holocaust in Germany. The government and SS Party activities described by Evans were, indeed, horrific. One of Evans’s messages is that all of us, and especially the media, have an obligation to point out evils in the world if/when they occur.

Unfortunately, there is another holocaust happening right now, and we are failing to call it out, as Evans would have us do. This holocaust is the institutional incarceration, rape and murder of Muslims in several countries. It’s hard to say where it’s worst: perhaps in China, where more than a million Muslim mothers and fathers were carried off by police, held in fenced concentration camps for forced labor and brainwashing, many never to be heard from again. Or, perhaps it’s worse in Myanmar where Muslim men are murdered and women raped before the homes where they lived for decades are burned to the ground by government soldiers. The UN calls it genocide. Maybe it’s worse in India/Kashmir, or in Yemen or in Palestine/Gaza.

Yes, there are fringe elements calling themselves Muslim who commit terrorism (inconsistent with the teachings of Islam). This criminal behavior of a few, however, does not justify collective punishment of entire religious/ethnic groups.

It’s past time for all of us, including the media, to expose and stand strongly against this holocaust of our time.

George Clare